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Tribute to Zoid

Some of you might already have heard, but my partner, Zoid Asteroid Machine (one half of Tiff 'n' Zoid), passed away on Thursday, February 27th, 2014. The picture i

s my tribute to him.

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Aug 14, 2020

Hello Tiffany. I'm a Zoid fan from Iowa. I don't expect that you would know this bit of ephemeral history, but I am a fan of THE... VERS' song "Never Gonna Be That Old" and want to cover it. The lyrics are nigh upon indecipherable, though. I never saw the group, and was just barely too young to realistically have done so--but I was from their neck of the woods. Anyway, could you direct this email to someone who might know these lyrics? There are two versions of the song on YouTube, the one I posted (JCHaywire) and another. Here's what I have guessed:

Those eyes of yours oh, so blue

But you think of other things _______

That smile…

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