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This page is dedicated to the strange and bizarre undertakings of yours truly.

I've always been into much more than just playing music. There was and always has been three sides to this creative triangle.


There's the Musician.

There's the Writer.

And then there's the Builder.

I've always loved building things. There's been a gravitational pull between me and tools for as long as I can remember. If I can find the photo of me as a little girl in a pretty white dress with a toy tool belt strapped around my waist, I'll post it here first. My point is, I like to be hands on and I craft a lot of big projects that almost no one knows about because this is the first time I'm publicly posting about them (except for on my personal social media pages).   

So here they are. Warts and all. Some were crafted in a week, and some were crafted in a year, but they were all made with love and vigor. If you're interested in making something like anything in the following photos, don't hesitate to click on the "Contact" tab and ask any questions you may have! I'll be happy to help!

(Just click on a photo below to enter the series of pictures regarding that project.)

Enjoy! -TH

UPDATE: I found the photo! As promised, here you are:

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