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-Limited Time Offer-

Free Music Downloads

for   a limited time!

Are you stuck at home during this Coronavirus quarantine situation bored out of your skull? It's rough, I get it. But believe it or not there's a silver lining! You can take this time to read that book that's been sitting on your shelf for five years, learn an instrument or a new language, or you could discover new music. For a limited time, I'm offering free downloads of my latest album, "Renegade Angel". Just click the "Download Album" button below, and you're all set*. At least it'll relieve your boredom for a good 45 minutes.

All joking aside, stay well and enjoy the free tunes,


*I'm not sure if the download option works on tablets or phones, but it will definitely work on your computer.

And you can always leave me a virtual tip for the free tunes by visiting:

Tips are always very appreciated, but obviously not mandatory!

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